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Sustainable Acquisition BleedGreen

What is Sustainable Acquisition? Learn everything related to this topic here! Contents1 What is sustainable acquisition?2 Reasons for choosing Sustainable Acquisition3 Importance of Green Consumerism3.1 1. Reduced packaging waste3.2 2. Increased energy efficiency 3.3 3. Reduced emissions and other pollutants throughout manufacturing and transportation processes 3.4 4. Consumption of more nutritious foods4 Benefits of Sustainable …


What is an ecovillage? Learn everything about an ecovillage for a complete understanding of this topic Contents1 What are Ecovillages?2 Origins of Eco Villages3 Contribution of Eco Villages to Sustainability3.1 Natural resources are utilized3.2 Eco village helps to restore the ecosystem3.3 Eco village provides community education3.4 Coexistence that works here3.5 An economy that is responsible4 …

Electronic Stewardship

What is electronic stewardship and how does it work? Learn everything about e-waste and electronic stewardship here and educate your surroundings about the same. When the entire world is talking about efficient electronic waste disposal and electronic stewardship, it’s become impossible for us to be quiet for a long period of time. So here is …

nuclear energy facts

Enrich your content and support your arguments by referring to these nuclear energy facts Contents1 100 Nuclear Energy Facts2 Editor’s Note 100 Nuclear Energy Facts Here are 100 nuclear energy facts for students: 1) The Obninsk Power Plant in the former Soviet Union is the first power plant to use nuclear energy for industrial electricity …

coffee waste

Learn some effective coffee waste management techniques and implement them at your home Coffee is a day-to-day product used in almost every household. Every day, around 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world. Coffee is a major market as it is a multibillion-dollar enterprise on a worldwide scale. However, one may not …

soil pollution facts bleedgreen

The problem of pollution is not confined to the sky only, the soil which is involved in the growth of fruits, vegetables, and plants, is also in the clutches of pollution. The need of the hour is to understand the existence of soil pollution. The surrounding ecosystem is also facing the threat with the occurrence of soil pollution.

wind energy facts

Learn the pros and cons of wind energy in the form of interesting facts here In order to suffice the increasing demand for renewable sources of energy, a large number of facets of the society such as government institutions, manufacturing units, and several other business houses have engrossed in the supply of it. Renewable energy …

water pollution facts BleedGreen

Here are 100 facts related to water pollution causes and effects. Let’s learn together Before unveiling the 100 water pollution facts, let’s have a basic understanding of water pollution. Water as a significant resource of survival is uniquely vulnerable to pollution. Water pollution happens when toxic substances from cities, towns, or factories get dissolved in …

ICT for environment

Learn how ICT is important for the environment I was in class third or fourth when I heard about the phrase “environmental protection” for the first time. At that time, for me protecting the environment was exclusively limited to the physical involvement of someone in planting trees that I have read in my textbook. It …

effects of pesticides

Have you ever tasted natural and organic food? The taste of naturality cannot be explained it can only be felt. Today the production of crops has increased significantly, and the food is becoming increasingly soft. But where is that naturality in our food? Have you ever thought, why are we actually missing the naturality in food? It’s because of the extensive usage of insecticides and pesticides in crops. The increasing use of pesticides is a threat to the entire world. The toxic effects of pesticides are clearly visible not only on the food we consume on a day-to-day basis but also on the environment as a whole.

Solar Energy

Learn how solar energy works through these 100 interesting facts With the advancements in science and technology, the demand for energy resources is also increasing. These sources of energy are used in various manufacturing, agriculture, telecommunication, transport, and other industries. These energy resources are required to carry out daily activities and live a hassle-free life. …

world environment day 2021

Here is everything you need to know about the world environment day of 2021 World Environment Day 2021: World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June annually, with the purpose to spread awareness towards environmental protection. This year the theme of World Environment Day 2021 is ‘Ecosystem Restoration.’ Pakistan is the global host of the …

meat alternatives in 2021

The time is changing, the population is growing and we need the best meat alternatives for vegans in 2021. Plant based meat, insects, and cultured meats are our bet

Negative effects of Renewable Energy on environment

negative effects of nuclear, biomass, solar, wind, geothermal, and hydropower energy. All our renewable energy resources have some impact on the Environment, and it becomes necessary to be aware of its consequences. Our responsibility is to combat climate change using clean energy.

Effect of Pollution on Human Health BleedGreen

Let's discuss the effects of environmental pollution on human health. Humans, as a species, are solely responsible for this devastation. But the irony is the entire ecosystem, along with humans, is facing the consequences.

Ecology terminology

The compilation of every ecological terminology in an easy and precise manner. The short answers are ideal for compitative exam revision purposes. The term “Ecology” is a combination of two Greek words: “Oikos”: Home or the place where you live in. “Logos”: Study The scientific study of the relationship of different living organisms with each other and with the non-living elements present in their surroundings is called Ecology.