Development VS Environment: Let’s Choose our Priority

environment vs development

The advancements in the fields of technology and science can be a boon as well as a bane. Progress has increased the number of amenities that surround human beings and has made their lifestyle much easier. However, with the growing pollution and global warming, debates have been raised over the negative impacts of our rapid development.

Research by the World Health Organization states that approximately 99% of the total global population inhales contaminated air. The report intensified the argument of Development vs Environment even further. This is high time we choose our priority first. Here are some facts that will help us to do so.

What is Environment?

Let us first understand the definition of environment. It refers to the conditions, materials, and other components that neighbor all organisms and which is the very essential feature of existence. In other words, all lives are dependent on the environment that surrounds them. 

Now, let’s find out the significance of the environment.

Significance of environment

1. Basic necessities – All the basic requirements for survival such as water, oxygen, heat, light, food, etc. are provided by our environment.

2. Economical significance – A man’s livelihood depends on the environment. Therefore, activities like farming, fishing, plowing, or even industrial work are dependent on natural and geographical resources.

3. Traditional activities- Cultural, religious and other activities of the folks for entertainment and refreshment are largely dependent on the climate, geographical area, and other environmental factors.

What is meant by development?

Generically, development means the evolution or growth of any living being or materialistic thing. Restrictively, development indicates progress, expansion, and optimistic changes in a particular sector, atmosphere, or individual.

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Significance of development

1. Economic development – Advancements in financial sectors have upgraded the standard of living of people. Progress in the corporate, administrative, civil, and technological fields has increased the income statistics of people. Therefore, it has marked the development of the human race.

2. Improves productivity – Progress of the human race has led them to focus on the artistic and creative fields. Many talents that went unnoticed in previous times are now cherished and nurtured for the benefit of living beings.

The connection between Environment and Development

Environment and Development are said to be paradoxical. Just as progress or growth in certain fields has made human life much easier and more comfortable, it has also caused the environment to suffer. Below are some consequences and negative impacts of development.

How development negatively affects the environment

1. Pollution – The rise in industrial waste, contaminated air and water, sound decibel and other pollutants have increased pollution. Therefore, this, in turn, has caused the environment to suffer.

2. Global warming- The rise in pollution has caused the layers of the atmosphere to shrink gradually. This followed by other factors like rising temperature, melting of glaciers, etc. has increased global warming considerably.

Development vs Environment

The progress in human civilization has affected the environment in various ways. Here are certain facts that are raised in the argument of environment vs development.

1. High income – Degrading environment

The rise in per capita income has benefited the world in numerous ways. Gradual decadence in the poverty line, improvised social conduct, more employment generation, improved transportation, etc. is some of them. Production and distribution have also seen a significant rise due to increased income levels. However, these economic advancements have created a check on the environment. Air, water, land, and noise pollution have significantly increased due to an improved economy. Therefore, the quality of our atmosphere is degrading day by day.

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2. Scientific advancements – Natural disasters

Scientific advancements have increased the use of mechanization and automation. For example, more use of air conditioners, coolers, and other electronic appliances has increased global warming. Therefore, natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, heat waves, volcanic eruptions, cyclones, etc. have also risen. Thus, it is high time for the human race to minimize their use of amenities in order to avoid such catastrophes.

3. Increased amenities – Decadence of natural resources

An increase in the modes of transportation, meticulous improvement in communication, and a rise in other forms of entertainment have made human life serene and less complicated. However, these improvements involve the usage of a lot of natural resources some of which are perishable in nature. Therefore, this has raised a question about the sustainability of environmental resources. Several natural resources like coal, oil, gas, etc. are irredeemable and perishable in nature. If not used properly, scarcity of these resources will arise which will harm the environment.


These were some of the facts about the environment and development. Environment and development are complementary to each other. Therefore, it is the appropriate time for us to set our priorities based on facts. Let our development aim at the preservation of our environment which will benefit not only the human race but other living things too.


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