Causes and Effects of environmental pollution on Human Health

Let’s address different types of pollution and the effect of pollution on our health

Effects of environmental pollution on human health: BleedGreen

Of late, environmental pollution has emerged as the biggest existential threat to mankind. Rapid industrialization, urbanization, deforestation are some of the major attributes contributing to the gradual degradation of the environment.

Environment and health are bound together to promote a healthy lifestyle.

A polluted environment has a definite impact on our physical as well as mental health.  When we have a healthy environment, our surroundings also become healthy. And, in this way, Earth will be a better place to live.


Today, we have reached the peaks of innovation in technology, but unfortunately while doing so, we are completely ignoring our environment. We keep on consuming the environment and degrading its value.

Honestly, ask yourself once: Who is Responsible for Environmental Pollution?

Humans, as a species, are solely responsible for this devastation. But the irony is the entire ecosystem, along with humans, is facing the consequences.

We have five elements: Air, Land, Water, Earth, and Fire, worshipped in ancient India, but today they are degrading. Here, are the major types of pollution and detail of their consequences.

1. Water Pollution

Water Pollution Causes
Water Pollution Causes

The importance of water in our life needs no further explanation. Water is an essential part of our life and we simply cannot live without it.

Upon a little research, you will find there are multiple sources of water pollution.

The extensive use of fertilizers like urea and Diammonium phosphate fertilizer (DAP) in agriculture aiming for more crop production, ultimately washed off to nearby water bodies.

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Besides, during irrigation, these chemicals are absorbed by the soil resulting in groundwater pollution. 

Also, river water gets polluted by industrial waste like petroleum, leather, textiles chemicals, etc. The wastes drain into water bodies without even discharging because of which marine animals get affected.

Water pollution effects clearly visible when the oil spill in the sea kills thousands of fish. 

Eutrophication occurs algae develops on the surface of the sea or ocean, due to which they neither get sunlight or oxygen to sustain themselves.

2. Land Pollution

Land Pollution Causes
Land Pollution Causes

Land devastation happens by various human activities like the usage of fertilizers that impact the fertility of the soil. Later on, these lands are used for making either highways, malls, or complexes. The waste generated from these infrastructures pollutes the land even further. Strange, isn’t it?

The forest areas are cut down to build airports and metros that affect the life of flora and fauna.

3. Air Pollution

Air Pollution Causes
Air Pollution Causes

Air pollution causes because of the release of smoke from chimneys and industries into the atmosphere without discharging it. 

The harmful gases like chlorofluorocarbons, freons releasing from the refrigerator, and air conditioner destroy the environment. Besides, air pollution by crackers in the festival like Diwali is a genuine concern in India.

These gases combine with fog to form smog-causing respiratory problems.

4. Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution Causes
Noise Pollution Causes

It’s quite unfortunate that most people in our vicinity are just unaware of the effects of Noise pollution.

Sound below 70 decibels is suitable for humans, but above this range becomes dangerous. The noise pollution is caused by the excessive sound of vehicles, aircraft, crackers, loudspeakers, etc. 

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For noise pollution control, the government has to first identify the noise pollution causes, make a proper plan and execute accordingly. The role of awareness is also very much essential for noise pollution control.

Effects of environmental pollution on Human Health

The following table would offer you an insight into the effects of environmental pollution on human health.

PollutionDiseases Caused by Pollution
AirAsthma, lung cancer, irritation in eyes, cardiovascular disease, the low birth rate
WaterDiarrhea, gastral issues, eye, ear, nose infection
NoiseSleeping disturbance, hypertension, hearing loss, Dysfunction of brain and body
LandLow development in children, insomnia, increase of lead in the body
List of Major Diseases Caused by Pollutions

Health is essential for everyone to experience disease-free life. A healthy mind and body are possible only when we have clean air, water, land, and the least possible pollution in our surroundings.

steps to protect environment in india

The Global Alliance on Health and Pollution (GAHP) finds pollution is responsible for around 15% of all premature deaths around the globe.

In India, many policies have been launched by the government, like the Clean Air Programme to reduce particulate matter concentrations by 20% to 30% by 2024, the Namami Gange project to protect the Ganga River, Swatch Bharat Mission to clean the surroundings. 

There is a set up of Green Tribunal by the government to protect the environment.

But the concern remains the same: are these projects and policies implemented at ground level? 

The officials should cross-check the implementation of the policies and encourage the citizens to join their hands for this genuine cause.

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We have to go ahead and step out of our homes to save this environment to create a sustainable future. The diseases are so harmful, and the destruction of the environment costs our lives.

Start adopting devices that drive their energy requirements from renewable sources, like Solar Ovens, Solar Chargers, Solar Lights, etc. Renewable energy is economical yet eco-friendly, so now it’s the time to embracing them into your lifestyle.

” Bleed Green & Be the change you want to see around yourself “

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