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marine waste bleedGreen

Why is beach pollution a problem? How to stop beach pollution? We have answers to all your questions. Let’s begin! Beach pollution is becoming a huge problem especially in countries like India. Marine waste not only impacts the surrounding ecosystem but also adversely affects the image of the country in the global arena resulting in …

organic watermelon

How do I start my own organic farm from scratch? Are watermelons profitable? We asked the same sets of questions to a proven expert in the field of organic watermelon farming. Let’s see how she responded! The craze of organic farming has intensified considerably in the last few years. The growing awareness among people about …

terrace garden

Mr. Upadhya, the man who transformed his residence into an evergreen forest in the middle of Bangalore city and took on a mission to inspire others to plant one billion trees across the country. He feels anyone can build a terrace garden with a minimum effort.