Climate Change Effects on Our Ecosystem: Climate Change Is Real and It’s Here!

Effects of climate change essay that every student must go through!

Climate Change Effects

Activities like burning fossil fuels, coal, and oil, increase the amount of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere.

Cutting down forests and farming livestock increases the greenhouse effect and global warming.

CO2 emissions have increased by 90%, with emissions from fossil fuel combustion, and industrial processes contributing about 78% of the total greenhouse gas.

According to CDC (Center for Disease Control), climate change will affect air pollution, vector-borne diseases, allergens, water quality, water and food supply, extreme heat, and severe weather. All of these changes will lead to serious threats to health.

It’s very important to understand how the climate is changing, various climate change effects, and how we can prevent it. Future climate change depends on what we do today.

How climate change impacts air and water pollution?

As per Environmental Protection Agency, the heated temperature can increase the concentrations of unhealthy air and water pollutants.

 Also, it can increase environmental consequences, including heatwaves, flooding and droughts, more intense storms, and worsening air quality.

Climate change affects the water cycle by disturbing the precipitation pattern. Climate change is disrupting weather patterns, leading to unpredictable water evaporation and precipitation causing droughts and floods.

how climate change affect our health?

Climate change is a threat to respiratory health. As we discussed, it causes air pollution. Hence, surely cause chronic respiratory diseases such as Asthma.

As Climate change increases temperature, which leads to increased ground-level ozone, which causes airway inflammation and damage to our lung tissues.

Warm temperatures because of climate change cause flowers to bloom faster and increase the amount of CO2 released.

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These temperature changes cause an increase in the concentration of pollens in the air, increasing airborne allergens, and a rise in allergy symptoms.

The impact of climate change on human health cannot be ignored!

how climate change affects wildlife?

Wildlife faces challenges every day because of Climate Change. There is a loss of habitat and loss of mobility. Climate Change also affects wildlife, rising temperatures degrade species survival rates, leading to less food, and a less successful rate of reproduction. Climate change typically leads to reducing prey populations for predators.

climate change effects on the ecosystem

All changes have an impact, here we are talking about the biggest change which is climate change. Climate change reduces the ability to improve water quality and regulate water flows. These rapid climate changes may cause the displacement or loss of many species in an ecosystem. It makes the ecosystem hard for species to survive, and migrate from one place to another.

Does climate change affect animals?

Heavy rainfalls, extended droughts, or unpredictable snowfall areas cause animal and plant habitat devastation.

Plants may freeze or withered and animals may have difficulty staying warm or finding food for them.

Coral, polar bears, and frogs are some examples that got hit hardest by climate change. Animals struggle to adapt to new conditions. Rising temperature affects vegetation, food source, water, and much more.

practical climate change solutions

Human activities are responsible for most of the climate change we are witnessing today directly or indirectly, so the onus is on us to fix it too. We can initiate and influence others to work on the following fronts in order to reduce climate change.

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No Plastic Use

Plastics are harmful, to health as well as to the environment. By reducing the amount of plastic we can help nature to heal and it will help in preventing climate change.

It is extremely difficult to stop using plastic, but with some small steps, everyone together will decrease the amount of plastic that we use every day.

  • Use a cloth bag (except a plastic bag).
  • Use copper bottles instead of plastic bottles.
  • Replace your plastic straws with steel straws.
  • Use/buy non-plastic packages.
  • Always ask for reusable bags while shopping.

Embrace Renewable Resources

Despite using fossil fuels, we should consider using sustainable and renewable energy sources. The use of solar panels will save a lot of megawatts of electricity.

A rooftop solar panel can be expensive. The cost of installation is going down day by day. Also, it will save you a lot of electricity expenses, which you will never regret.

Cut down your usage of electricity at home by reducing the time of light bulbs, turning off AC early, or you can reduce its degree to 2,3 which will also make a difference.

Switch to Electric Vehicle

Using public transportation is a very good idea, it will reduce pollution (CNG is better than crude oil). But nowadays switching to electric vehicles has become the most cost-effective way of preserving energy.

The price of vehicles is going down, and the availability of charging stations on the road is increasing. Electric vehicles are much better than gasoline-power vehicles.

Turn off the Electronic Devices

We use device that consumes electricity in some form or other. It is a very familiar issue to leave devices switched on.

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This lead to unnecessary electricity loss. Small appliances may be ignored but take care of the fridge, washing machine, and water heaters.

This will help you save your money through electricity bills, and also stop wasting energy.

From health threats to affecting food production, from rising sea levels to droughts. Shifting of whether pattern too much more. The impact of climate change is global. Without taking action today, the future will be more dangerous.

What is Ground-level Ozone?

Ground-level ozone or Bad ozone is the most harmful substance, especially for people living with asthma. Ground-level ozone is created by a chemical reaction between nitrogen oxide and organic compounds in sunlight.

How we can reduce air pollution?

One person can not do everything. But yes, one can influence others to do so, by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases with the help of better transportation, food, and energy use, we can reduce air pollution.

What is the exact cause of climate change?

Generating electricity and heat by burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gases causes huge global emissions. Only a quarter comes from wind, sun, and other natural resources.

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